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Panel discussion about New Space and the booming satellite business with Joram Voelklein, Alpine Space Ventures; Walter Ballheimer, Reflex Aerospace; and Bulent Altan, Alpine Space Ventures/Mynaric


Joram Voelklein

Alpine Space Ventures
Joram Voelklein, Founding Partner of Alpine Space Ventures

Joram Voelklein is a Founding Partner of Alpine Space Ventures, a venture capital firm that focuses on the European NewSpace sector. Previously he was involved early on in Mynaric, a company that produces optical communication terminals.

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Walter Ballheimer

Reflex Aerospace
Profile image of Walter Ballheimer, CEO of Reflex Aerospace

Walter Ballheimer is a German NewSpace entrepreneur and CEO of Reflex Aerospace, which delivers tailor-made small satellite platforms to its customers. Previously, he founded German Orbital Systems, the country’s first CubeSat start-up in 2014.

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Bulent Altan

Alpine Space Ventures & Mynaric
Buulent Altan, Investment Partner at Alpine Space Ventures and CEO of Mynaric

Bulent Altan is an Investment Partner of Alpine Space Ventures and CEO of Mynaric, a pioneer in laser communications for the space industry. He began his career as one of the first employees at the then newly-established SpaceX in 2004.

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