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The Age of Foolishness

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“I am an increasingly concerned optimist.” That’s the message Siemens Chairman Jim Hagemann Snabe opens his DLD20 speech with. Echoing the words of Charles Dickens, Jim Snabe declares the digital revolution as the best of times and the worst of times. “With current technologies we are able to solve most of the problems”, he says. “But we are solving the wrong problems and its time we got our act together.”
Snabe calls for a dramatic change in problem-solving and leadership strategies. Rather than looking backwards and using linear projections, the starting point for innovations should be defined by where they can go, he argues. Snabe’s vision: “Europe should be the human version of how we use technology […] To enhance human beings, make them more creative and unleash their potential.” 

Marc Buckley, DLD20 talk

World’s First Ever Global Action Plan

In this passionate DLD20 talk, climate activist Marc Buckley discusses his global change manifesto and how society can reach the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) outlined by the United Nations. Key to realizing this vision will be the participation of…
Manthia Diawara, Alexander Kluge, Hans Ulrich Obrist, DLD All Stars

Framing the World: Storytelling Through Music and Film

In times of change, humans need narratives, storytelling and artistic visions for inspiration, and to make sense of life’s ever-present disruptions. This DLD All Stars session brought together Manthia Diawara, Alexander Kluge and Hans Ulrich Obrist in a wide-ranging conversation…
video artist, betty mü, betty mue, art, video, installation, DLD, talk

Let There Be Light

Here’s your chance to watch “poetry on screens”, as DLD founder Steffi Czerny puts it in her DLD Summer conversation with video artist Betty Mü. The former VJ specializes in creating innovative, often interactive light installations that are equally artful,…

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