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Panel discussion about media and society at the DLD Munich 2023 conference with Linda Hinz, Katja Speck, Alexandra Borchardt, Ana-Cristina Grohnert and Florian Festl


Alexandra Borchardt

Alexandra Borchardt, journalist, advisor and researcher

Alexandra Borchardt is a journalist, book author, independent researcher, and media advisor. She is lead author of the report Climate Journalism That Works – Between Knowledge and Impact, published in March 2023.

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Ana-Christina Grohnert

Corporate Transformation Advisors
Profile image of advisor Ana-Christina Grohnert

Ana-Cristina Grohnert is the founder of Corporate Transformation Advisors and Managing Partner of the Berlin Advisors Group. She specializes in tailor-made solutions on the ESG agenda with transactions, compliance, and organizational changes.

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Katja Speck

Profile image of digital marketing expert Katja Speck, VisualVest

Katja Speck is Chief Marketing Officer of investment group VisualVest and founder of DigitalMarketExpert, a consulting firm that supports companies to accelerate their business growth in their respective industries and markets.

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Linda Hinz

News to be Good
Profile image of journalist Linda Hinz

Linda Hinz is a leading German journalist and co-creator of News to be Good, a project of Burda Forward. The app is a news offering especially for people who feel burdened by negative news. Previously Linda Hinz was deputy Editor-in-Chief of Focus Online, one of Germany’s largest online news portals.

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Florian Festl

FOCUS Online
Portrait of Focus.de editor Florian Festl

Florian Festl is Editor-in-Chief of FOCUS Online, a leading German news portal. In addition, he is responsible for the development of several BurdaForward brands, including CHIP.de, BUNTE.de and TVSpielfilm.de.

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