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Betty Mü
Video artist
Betty Mu, Betty Mue, video artist

Betty Mü is a German video installation and projection artist who disrupts the two-dimensionality of classical projection. Her imaginative, poetic style and clear installation concepts have been shown internationally and nationally at numerous specialized festivals, exhibitions and events.

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Steffi Czerny
DLD Media
Steffi Czerny, DLD conference, DLD Media

Steffi Czerny is Managing Director of DLD Media and co-founder of the DLD Conference as well as its global spin-offs. Steffi was identified as number 30 of The 2015 Wired 100 and has also been chosen as one of the 50 most inspiring women in European tech in 2015 by inspiring50.com for her success in bringing the international digital elite together at DLD.

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