Random International

Random International, artistic group

Art Group

Led by founders Hannes Koch and Florian Ortkrass, Random International is a post-digital art group exploring the impact of technological development on the human condition. The group works across an array of media including sculpture, light, kinetics, video, print, and sound.


Art group Random International speaks at DLD Munich 2022

No One Is An Island

Artist duo Random International illustrates how humans are influenced by living with machines – and then decides to create a human algorithm, with the help of DLD attendees. “We want you to experience how it is to be a computer”, Hannes Koch, one of the group’s founders, explains. For the roughly 40 participants, that means:…
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trends in digital arts and culture discusses at DLD Munich 2022

Vibes of Tomorrow: Art & Culture at DLD22

What’s the sound of climate change, the shape of data and the real value of NFTs? Discover highlights of the culture and art sessions at DLD Munich.
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