Phil Libin

Phil Libin, Co-Founder and CEO, All Turtles

All Turtles & mmhmm

Phil Libin is co-founder and CEO of All Turtles and mmhmm. He started the globally distributed product studio All Turtles in 2017 to solve meaningful problems. Previously he was co-founder and CEO of Evernote.

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Axios reporter Ina Fried and Phil Libin, founder of All Turtles and mmhmm, discuss the importance of trust in the age of artificial intelligence

The State of Truth and Trust at Work

This DLD Munich session illustrates why trust is an enormously important asset for companies – especially in a world where AI systems can generate lies faster, and easier, than any of us can detect them. In conversation with Axios reporter Ina Fried, serial entrepreneur Phil Libin analyzes AI and automation in the work environment, as…
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Clay robot reading a book illustrates the question: How smart is artificial intelligence getting?

Good or Evil? How AI Is Transforming Life, Work and Society

Will artificial intelligence turn out to be a blessing or a curse? DLD speakers from science, business and technology share expert opinions.
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Stage at DLD Munich 2023, Europe’s leading innovation conference, at Serviceplan’s House of Communication

DLD Munich 2023

Highlights of DLD Munich 2023: Find videos, images and speakers of Europe’s leading innovation conference in one place…
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