Laura Summers

Portrait of Debias AI founder Laura Summers

Debias AI

Laura Summers is the founder of AI ethics consultancy Debias AI, a technology researcher and a develeoper with a focus on building tools to promote fair machine learning. She also works as a Design Engineer at Explosion AI in Berlin.


Ethical AI discussion at the DLD Munich 2023 conference with Navrina Singh, Mehran Sahami, Vilas Dhar and Laura Summers

Ethical AI?!

There are a lot of things that AI can do amazingly well. The big question is: How do we deal with the ethical implication of many AI applications? To shed light on this topic, this DLD 23 session brings together a group of experts including Navrina Singh, Founder and CEO of Credo AI; Mehran Sahami,…
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Clay robot reading a book illustrates the question: How smart is artificial intelligence getting?

Good or Evil? How AI Is Transforming Life, Work and Society

Will artificial intelligence turn out to be a blessing or a curse? DLD speakers from science, business and technology share expert opinions.
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