Cristiana Falcone

Cristiana Falcone

JMCMRJ Sorrell Foundation

Cristiana Falcone has over 20 years of experience designing and implementing digital transformation, partnership and business development strategies working directly with the leadership at global corporations (SONY, Shell, Revlon), international governmental organizations (ILO, IFAD, FAO, UNDCCP, IADB) and the media industry.


Michael Diederich, HypoVereinsbank, Peter Körte, Siemens, discuss climate action with Cristiana Falcone, JMCMRJ Sorrell Foundation

On the Path To Net Zero

Transforming the global economy to become carbon neutral requires systemic change. This can only be achieved when all stakeholders in an economy work on the same goals, as this panel discussion with Cristiana Falcone (JMCMRJ Sorrell Foundation), Michael Diederich (HypoVereinsbank) and Peter Körte (Siemens) makes clear. “I look at decarbonization and digitalization as two mutually…
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Building Business While Minding the Environment

“We have decided to look not at barriers but enablers – we want to be positive here”, moderator Cristiana Falcone says at the outset of this DLD Summer session about the circular economy. The panel includes Lufthansa’s Chief Customer Officer Christina Foerster, HypoVereinsbank CEO Michael Diederich and Andrew McAfee, Co-Director of the Initiative on the…
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The Renaissance of Psychedelics

Psychedelics have seen a resurgence in public interest – not merely among users looking for a happy high, but also among researchers who are looking into potential health benefits of this particular category of drugs. “Psychedelics, the word itself, means mind-manifesting and mind-revealing”, explains Robin Carhart-Harris, Head of the Centre for Psychedelic Research at the…
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