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Panelists Sina Afra (Tiko), Kinga Stanislawska (European Women in VC), Reyhan Çepik (Bliss), Tijen Onaran (Founder, Investor & Author) and Nela Duke Ekpenyong (LEGA.C Capital) on stage at the DLD Munich Conference 2024.


Sina Afra

Sina Afra, Tiko, tiko.es, PropTech

Sina Afra is a serial entrepreneur. His latest endeavor is Tiko.es which he founded and serves as CEO. Previously he founded Markafoni, which became the first Turkish Internet company to expand beyond the borders of Turkey by launching sites in Australia, Ukraine, Greece and Poland.

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Tijen Onaran

Portrait of Tijen Onaran in front of a white background

Tijen Onaran is an entrepreneur, investor, best-selling author and one of most prominent voices in German business when it comes to diversity and digitization. Manager Magazin ranks her among the top 100 most influential women in German business.

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Nela Duke Ekpenyong

LEGA.C Capital
Portrait image of Nigerian investor, Nela Duke Ekpenyong, Co-Founder & CEO of LEGA.C Capital

The co-founder and CEO of LEGA.C Capital, Nela Duke Ekpenyong is an investor, award-winning conservationist, philanthropic advisor and social entrepreneur. She has worked with leading institutions focused on large-scale growth and development in Africa.

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Reyhan Cepik

Portrait of Reyhan Cepik, Co-Founder & CEO of Bliss

A seasoned software programmer turned entrepreneur, Reyhan Cepik is co-founder and CEO of an AI company based in London whose first app, Bliss, aims to revolutionize female intimacy with personalized audio stories.

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Kinga Stanislawska

European Women in VC
Headshot of Polish investor Kinga Stanislawska, Co-Founder of European Women in VC, in a red blouse in front of a clean white background.

Kinga Stanislawska is a Co-Founder of European Women in VC, a community of more than 1,000 female venture capital investors from all over the continent. She is also the Founder and Managing Partner of Experior Venture Fund, Poland’s leading Venture Capital fund and the only VC fund in Europe founded by women.

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