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Jennifer Schenker (The Innovator), Dagmar Schuller (audEEERING), and Nikolay Vasev (epix.ai) discuss digital health at the DLD Munich Conference 2024.


Jennifer Schenker

The Innovator
Jennifer Schenker, The Information

Jennifer L. Schenker has been covering the technology sector from Europe since 1985. She worked in various positions for the Wall Street Journal, TIME, and BusinessWeek. In 2016, she launched The Innovator, a website and subscription newsletter about digital transformation and sustainability that is read by the people responsible for innovation at some of the world’s largest companies. 

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Dagmar Schuller

Portrait photo of Dagmar Schuller, CEO & Co-Founder, audEERING, smiling, seen in front of a window showing some trees outside.

Dagmar Schuller is CEO and co-founder of audEERING, the innovation leader for AI-based audio analysis. She is an expert in digital strategy and innovation and has been working with artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data for over 25 years. (Photo: Gorjan Gajanin)

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Nikolay Vasev

Epix AI
Close-up portrait image of Nikolay Vasev, Chief Operating Officer of Epix AI.

Nikolay Vasev is the Chief Operating Officer of Epix AI, a health-tech startup from Bulgaria that harnesses the power of epigenetics to provide individuals with personalized, dynamic health scores. Vasev holds a PhD from the University of Copenhagen and previously worked in the pharmaceutical industry.

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