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AI and the Post-Work World

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What can artificial intelligence do – and where will humans always be superior? These are the core questions revolving around the future of work that AI expert Dr. Kai-Fu Lee explores in his DLD All Stars presentation. A renowned researcher and former top manager at Microsoft, Apple and Google, Dr. Lee now leads the Chineses VC firm Sinovation Ventures which he founded in 2009.

circular economy, sustainability, Cristiana Falcone, Andrew McAfee, hristina Foerster, Michael Diederich, DLD Summer, video, talk

Building Business While Minding the Environment

“We have decided to look not at barriers but enablers – we want to be positive here”, moderator Cristiana Falcone says at the outset of this DLD Summer session about the circular economy. The panel includes Lufthansa’s Chief Customer Officer…
Thierry Breton, Europe, digitalisation, speech

The European Digital Agenda

Has Europe missed the first digital wave? No, Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, told the audience in his DLD20 keynote. “Europe is not lagging behind.” With the continent owning half of the patents for the next-generation…
quantum computing, Europe, competitiveness, panel discussion, DLD

Quantum Computing: Blessing or Risk?

From research and finance to healthcare and aerospace: Quantum computing is opening up new possibilities for solving some of the most pressing issues of our time. “Some people say that quantum computing, not AI, will define our future,” said Gabi…