Till Roenneberg

Till Roenneberg, LMU Munich, chronobiology, chrono biology, sleep research

LMU Munich

Till Roenneberg started started to work on biological rhythms at the age of 17. He is professor emeritus at the Medical School of the LMU Munich and founder of Chronsulting. Roenneberg investigates the human clock and sleep in the real world (the Human Sleep Project). He is a former President of the European Society for Rhythms Research.


Elizabeth Klerman, Harvard, Till Roenneberg, LMU, chronobiology, webinar

Copilot Body Clock: How Biology Could Drive the Future of Technology

In this DLD Sync session, two of the world’s leading chronobiologists put their research into perspective with regard to technology and the future of mobility. Elizabeth Klerman (Harvard Medical School) and Till Roenneberg (LMU Munich) explained what chronobiology is – and why it is vital for all of us to know more about it. They…
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