Steven Levy

Steven Levy, journalist, author, Silicon Valley


Steven Levy is the founder and Editor in Chief of Backchannel, a tech-based publication owned and operated by Medium. His previous posts were senior staff writer for the magazine Wired; and senior editor and chief technology correspondent for Newsweek, where he wrote the “Technologist” column. His books include the classic computer history Hackers; Insanely Great (the story of the Macintosh computer); Artificial Life, Crypto, and In the Plex, the definitive story of Google.


Jimmy Wales, WT Social, DLD conference, DLD Munich

Social Networks Rebooted

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and technology reporter Steven Levy take a close look at the state of social networking, and what’s wrong with the current approach of making money through targeted advertising. Wales also explains what makes his new social network WT Social different and why he’s chosen to go with a “pay-if-you-want” business model,…
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DLD20, DLD logo, woman, smartphone

Quick Take: Highlights of DLD20

An astronaut, a Nobel Prize winner, a chess champion, many champions of a sustainable future: Take a look at select videos of DLD20.
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