Muhammad Yunus

Muhammad Yunus, portrait

Yunus Centre

Born in Bangladesh as one 14 children, Prof. Yunus went on to become a noted economist who pioneered the concept of microcredits. In 2006, he received a Nobel Peace Prize for his achievements as “Banker to the Poorest of the Poor”. He has since focused on spreading and implementing the concept of Social Business.


Fatoumata Ba, Muhammad Yunus, Peter Backenecker, DLD, social businesses

Building Social Businesses

“Talent is very equally distributed, but opportunities are not”, observed Fatoumata Bâ, founder and CEO of social startup studio Janngo. In this lively discussion, moderated by Martin Weiss, Bâ joined Nobel Prize laureate Muhammed Yunus and Mastercard executive Peter Bakenecker to explore how companies and entrepreneurs can contribute to society in a positive way. Bâ…
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Muhammad Yumus, Nobel Prize Laureate, DLD Munich Conference 2020

Business With a Conscience

In his impassioned DLD20 talk, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus warned the audience that the time humanity has left on Earth could be counted in mere decades, not centuries. He expressed his frustration by a ‘business as usual’ mindset despite the planet’s state of emergency. Yunus highlighted extreme wealth inequalities as a major problem…
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Quick Take: Highlights of DLD20

An astronaut, a Nobel Prize winner, a chess champion, many champions of a sustainable future: Take a look at select videos of DLD20.
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