Mikolaj Sekutowicz

Mikolaj Sekutowicz, Vice-President of Therme Group

Therme Group

As founding board member and Vice-President of Therme Group, MikolajSekutowicz is responsible for the group’s strategic development, and culture, transitioning into a positive-impact, nature-centred, and profitable wellbeing infrastructure provider.


DLD Munich panel discussion about mindfulness and wellbeing

The Future of Well-Being

Well-being, both mental and physical, are the most precious qualities in life we have. Because if you’re not well, it doesn’t matter whether you get a promition, create the next unicorn or even win a Nobel prize. This expert panel with Sumayya Vally (Counterspace), Jeanne de Kroon (Zazi Vintage), Nina Gualinga (Indigenous Rights Activist) and…
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