Marcus du Sautoy

Marcus du Sautoy, professor, Oxford, mathematics

University of Oxford

Marcus du Sautoy is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and author of six books, including his most recent work, The Creativity Code. He works extensively with a range of arts organisations bringing science alive for the public. For the BBC he presented the four-part landmark TV series The Story of Maths.

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mathematics and art, Marcus du Sautoy, Eduardo Terrazas, Hans Ulrich Obrist, DLD20

Art + Science = New Visions

Traditionally, the realms of arts and sciences were kept separate from each other. However, increasingly, both artists and scientists are seeing the benefits of breaking down the silos and engaging in an exchange between disciplines. In this DLD20 conversation led by Swiss curator Hans Ulrich Obrist (Serpentine Galleries), British mathematician Marcus du Sautoy (Oxford University)…


Virus, petri dish, lab work

Coronavirus: Managing A Crisis That Changes Everything

Drowning in news about the Covid-19 pandemic? We’ve created an overview of reliable sources, expert voices, studies and interactive tools. Take a look!
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