Laura Brämswig

Laura Brämswig, UBI

Expedition Grundeinkommen (Basic Income)

Laura Brämswig is the founder of the NGO Expedition Basic Income (Expedition Grundeinkommen) and has a great passion for innovation, society and systemic change. With her NGO she is pushing for a government-funded experiment on an unconditional basic income in Germany. Laura is a social, economic and cultural psychologist and political scientist trained at the London School of Economics and Politics, Leuphana and Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona.


UBI, Universal Basic Income, expert panel, Alber Wenger, Laura Brämswig

Universal Basic Income

Handing out money to all citizens, no questions asked, so that everyone can pay the rent and no one needs to worry about tomorrow’s lunch: That’s the idea behind a universal basic income, or UBI for short. No longer a fringe concept, it’s also an idea whose time has come, as Laura Brämswig and Albert…
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