Elizabeth Caley

Elizabeth Caley, founder, Poppy


Elizabeth Caley is Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Poppy. Poppy is the world’s first commercially available pathogen sensing and monitoring network that helps protect the places where we work, live, and visit by monitoring air and surfaces for the COVID-19 virus and 1,000+ other pathogens.

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Elizabeth Caley and Kevin Slavin of Poppy discuss airborne pathogen detection with Ari Gesher, Kairos Aerospace

The Urgent Invisible

Technology can help detect normally invisible dangers to humans and the planet. Health startup Poppy has developed a system that identifies bacteria and viruses that surround us in offices or homes. Kairos Aerospace, meanwhile, specializes in finding methane leaks to combat climate change. This DLD Munich session brings together Poppy CEO Elizabeth Caley, former MIT…
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