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Elizabeth Caley and Kevin Slavin of Poppy discuss airborne pathogen detection with Ari Gesher, Kairos Aerospace


Kevin Slavin

Kevin Slavin, MIT Media Lab

Kevin Slavin is Head of Creative and Marketing Poppy, a groundbreaking pathogen sensing and detection network. Previously he founded the Playful Systems group at MIT Media Lab and was founding editor of the Journal of Design and Science (MIT Press).

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Elizabeth Caley

Elizabeth Caley, founder, Poppy

Elizabeth Caley is Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Poppy. Poppy is the world’s first commercially available pathogen sensing and monitoring network that helps protect the places where we work, live, and visit by monitoring air and surfaces for the COVID-19 virus and 1,000+ other pathogens.

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Ari Gesher

Kairos Aerospace
Ari Gesher, CTO, Kairos Aerospace

Ari Gesher is the CTO of Kairos Aerospace, a startup focused on reducing atmospheric methane emissions from oil field infrastructure. His team oversees the software and data engineering that makes these technically-complex, highly-automated operations possible.

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