Alexandra Mousavizadeh

Alexandra Mousavizadeh, Tortoise Media

Tortoise Media

Alexandra Mousavizadeh is a Partner at Tortoise Media, the slow-news media company founded by James Harding. Alexandra is the creator of the groundbreaking Global AI Index and Director of the Tortoise Intelligence team which specialises in global and industry indices and data analytics.


practival AI applications in business: panel discussion with Alexandra Mousavizadeh, Daniela Gerd tom Markotten, Andreas Liebl at DLD Munich

Microdosing the Economy

How can AI bring real value to businesses and the economy overall? This conversation between Daniela Gerd tom Markotten (Deutsche Bahn) and Andreas Liebl (appliedAI), moderated by Alexandra Mousavizadeh (Tortoise Media) offers many insights and examples. German railway operator Deutsche Bahn now uses artificial intelligence to tackle one of its most difficult jobs: keeping trains…
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Alexandra Mousavizadeh presents Tortoise Media’s Global AI Index at DLD Munich 2022

Global AI Index 2022

Based on almost 150 indicators, Tortoise Media’s Global AI Index is one of the most comprehensive reports on the state of artificial intelligence available. In this DLD Munich presentation, Alexandra Mousavizadeh – Director of the Tortoise Intelligence team – presents key insights from the most recent Global AI Index. “A multitude of indicators that goes…
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