DLD Munich 2018

January 20 – 22, 2018 ‧ Bayerische Staatsbank

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Unicorns Made in Germany

There are a lot of very successful tech companies in Germany – one of them is Auto1 which recently raised $558 million from Softbank to expand internationally. Marc Samwer (Global…

“We Can Look Inside Heads!”

Ping-pong session at DLD Munich 18: Author and MIT scientist Andrew McAfee and Openwater founder Mary Lou Jepsen ask each other questions. Mary Lou Jepsen is an expert on cutting-edge…

Glamorous Evening in Davos

As part of this year's World Economic Forum (WEF), around 600 guests followed the invitation to the Burda DLD Nightcap in Davos. On Tuesday evening, the Burda board members Paul-Bernhard Kallen, Andreas…

Is Authenticity Overrated?

Is authenticity still an issue? Scanning through book shops and finding titles like “How to be yourself“ answer that question quite clearly. With these words Herminia Ibarra (London Business School) opens her…

Think Global, Build Social

War, protests against regimes, mass migration, environmental disasters: Can architecture mitigate differences in a more and more divided world? Architect Francis Kéré proves that it can help bring people together.…

DLD Munich 18 in 90 Seconds

DLD Munich 18 was a great success. If you missed a panel or want to watch them again, soon you can find all videos on our YouTube channel. In the meantime…

Make Rock Great Again

Can the right song get your ad campaign to take off? Can music accelerate your business and what would you have to do in order to make it happen? These…

“Time To Break Up the Big Four: Amazon, Google, Apple & Facebook”

A cherished DLD tradition and one of the most anticipated lectures every year at the conference is Scott Galloway’s morning keynote covering the latest numbers & benchmarks, winners & losers and…


How To Fix The Future

Uber’s Next Chapter

Building Community In A Polarized World

Only An Incubator? Europe’s Competitive Edge

About Flying Taxis & High Speed Trains

Reconquer Your Voice DLD Impact Award Ceremony

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