Marc Oshima

Marc Oshima, Co-Founder, AeroFarms


Marc Oshima co-founded AeroFarms with the desire to make fresh, nutritious produce more accessible to communities globally. AeroFarms is leading the way for indoor vertical farming and transforming agriculture. Prior to AeroFarms, Oshima headed up marketing for The Food Emporium.

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Ryan Archer, BayWa, Alexander Gerfer, Würth Elektronik, Marc Oshima, AeroFarms discus the benefits of agritech with Lauren Kiel, Bloomberg Green at DLD Munich

Tech To Feed the World

Technology in agriculture is key to producing food more sustainably in the future. Ryan Archer (BayWa), Alexander Gerfer (Würth Elektronik eiSos) and Marc Oshima (AeroFarms) discuss the potential of controlled environments, vertical farming and positive ecological impact of agritech with Lauren Kiel from Bloomberg Green. The need for innovation in agriculture is clear, Alexander Gerfer…