Luca Bovone

Luca Bovone, Founder & CEO, Habyt


Luca Bovone is the Founder and CEO of Habyt, the world's largest digital housing platform. Previously at Dropbox, he focused on sales and business development for EMEA. Luca has also been involved with a number of startups in Asia, where he started his career.

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Investing in Southeast Asia panel discussion with Neil Fong, Burda Principal Investments, Luca Bovone, Habyt, and Julien Mialaret, Eurazeo

Building the Europe ASEAN Bridge

Southeast Asia and Europe have a long history of beneficial trade relationships. This panel discussion with Neil Fong (Burda Principal Investments), Habyt Founder & CEO Luca Bovone and Julien Mialaret (Eurazeo) explores new opportunities for founders, startups and investors who strengthen the ties between Europe and ASEAN nations. It pays off to look beyond China…
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