Carlo Ratti

MIT Senseable City Lab

An architect and engineer by training, Carlo Ratti leads the CRA design and innovation practice in New York and Torino, Italy, and directs the MIT Senseable City Lab. He holds several patents and has co-authored over 500 publications, including The City of Tomorrow (with Matthew Claudel).

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James Ludwig, Steelcase, Carlo Ratti, MIT, DLD Sync

The New Code of Cities

How do we need to design office spaces for a world after Covid-19? Is home office a sustainable concept for tomorrow? What does this change mean for mobility and transportation? Does the pandemic spell the end of megacities and decades of urbanization?


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The New Code of Cities

How will the corona crisis change office life? What should cities do to reinvent themselves for tomorrow? MIT researcher Carlo Ratti and Steelcase VP James Ludwig shared plenty of ideas in their DLD Sync session…