DLD Campus Karlsruhe, 2018

DLD Campus Bayreuth

June 27, 2019 • Audimax, University of Bayreuth
This was our third DLD Campus event in Bayreuth, a highly innovative university with an interdisciplinary outlook – similar to DLD. We put top-notch researchers, regional innovation leaders and hidden champions onstage, creating inspiring, unexpected connections with the help of our international DLD network.


DLD Campus Bayreuth, popcorn and innovation

Three Takeaways From DLD Campus Bayreuth

Major topics this year included sustainability, robotics, change management and rural development – including mobility outside of big cities. Read our recap and take a look at select sessions



On the Future of Robotics

A World Where Anyone Can Use a Robot

Who’s In the Driver’s Seat: Technology or Consumer?

Future of Food

Much of the conference was held in German language. Please visit our YouTube playlist to see all videos.

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