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Verena Hubertz, co-founder of Kitchen Stories who went into politics, discusses career choices and the meaning of work with investor Albert Wenger at the DLD Munich 2023 conference


Albert Wenger

Union Square Ventures
Albert Wenger, Partner, Union Square Ventures

Albert Wenger is Managing Partner at Union Square Ventures. He led the firm’s investments in Etsy, Twilio and MongoDB. Wenger holds a Ph.D. in Information Technology from MIT, is @albertwenger on Twitter, blogs at Continuations and is the author of World After Capital.

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Verena Hubertz

Member of the German Bundestag
Image of Verena Hubertz, German politician and founder of Kitchen Stories

Verena Hubertz is a directly elected Member of the Bundestag and Deputy Chairwoman of the SPD parliamentary group. Previously, she co-founded Kitchen Stories, a video-based cooking platform with over 20 million users and more than 50 employees.

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