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You.com founder Richard Socher discusses AI chatbots and search at DLD Munich 2023


Richard Socher

Portrait of Richard Socher, Founder & CEO of search engine You.com

Richard Socher is the founder and CEO of You.com, an AI-powered search engine built around user preferences while respecting their privacy. Socher holds a PhD in computer science and previously served as the Chief Scientist and EVP at Salesforce.

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Jochen Wegner

ZEIT Online
Jochen Wegner, ZEIT Online

As Editor-in-Chief of ZEIT Online, Jochen Wegner heads the editorial team of one of Germany’s most successful news websites. Prior to joining ZEIT Online, Jochen spent five years as Editor-in-Chief at focus.de, which he developed into one of the largest and fastest growing digital news outlets in Germany.

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