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Standing in front of a video screen, Nina Matzat, co-founder of Plan.Net Studios, explains the power of spatial computing at the DLD Munich conference 2024.


Maik Kähler

Plan.Net Studios
Portrait of Maik Kähler, Lili Studios

Maik Kähler is CEO and Co-Founder of Plan.Net Studios (formerly lili Studios)– an international studio for spatial computing that’s part of the Serviceplan group. He believes that curated interactive technology provides a unique opportunity to create entirely new forms of culture and entertainment.

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Nina Matzat

Plan.Net Studios
Portrait image of Nina Matzat, Co-Founder of Plan.Net Studios

Nina Matzat is Co-Founder of Plan.Net Studios, Serviceplan Group’s globally operating Studio for Spatial Experiences and the next Web. She is a regular keynote speaker at conferences and industry events as well as jury member at Cannes Lions Festival for Creativity.

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