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video, Alon Chen and Christian Teichmann discuss food tech and sustainability at DLD Munich


Alon Chen

Alon Chen, CEO & Co-Founder of Tastewise

Alon is CEO and co-founder of Tastewise , a food intelligence company using AI to help food and beverage brands create healthier, tastier, and more sustainable products. A former Google executive, Alon has a wealth of experience in leveraging AI and big data across technology, business and marketing.

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Christian Teichmann

Burda Principal Investments
Christian Teichmann, Burda Principle Investments

Christian Teichmann joined Burda in 2015 and is CEO and Managing Director of Burda Principal Investments. Previously he was a Partner at Solon Management Consulting. He holds degrees in economics from Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid and ESB Reutlingen and is a Harvard Business School alumn. 

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