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Planet Labs founder Will Marshall speaks with journalist Kara Swisher about satellite imagery and data analytics at DLD Munich
Kara Swisher
New York Magazine
Kara Swisher, Editor-at-Large at New York magazine, podcaster, author

Kara Swisher is Editor-at-Large at New York Magazine and host of the podcasts On with Kara Swisher and Pivot. Previously she was a contributing New York Times opinion writer and co-founded the technology website Recode. Photo Credit: Phillip Montgomery / New York Magazine

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Will Marshall
Planet Labs
Will Marshall, CEO, Planet Labs

Will Marshall is Co-Founder & CEO of Planet Labs. A former NASA scientist, he now oversees the vision to accelerate humanity toward a more sustainable and secure world. Marshall was recognized as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and serves on the board of the Open Lunar Foundation.

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