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Rebooting the Internet

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In this DLD20 conversation, New York Times reporter Mike Isaac sat down with Gavin Wood, co-founder of Parity Technologies, to examine how “to make the Internet great again”, what is spurring the developments of blockchain and what “Web 3.0” will look like. Parity, Wood said is very much about “re-thinking the fundamental architectures of the Internet and most of it comes down to decentralization.”

In Wood’s opinion, there’s a strong need to get rid of the “middle men” of the Internet. “At the moment, using the standard Internet B2C architectures, like the Facebooks, Googles and eBays, there is no destination for which there is privacy – it just doesn’t exist. As long as it’s going through a centralized party and as long as one of their key business propositions, or key value-capturing methods, is people’s data, then it’s not going to change”, said Wood.

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