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Herbert Mangesius

Vsquared Ventures
Herbert Mangesius, Vsquared Ventures

Herbert is a founding partner at Vsquared Ventures. He was also part of the founding team of the predecessor fund Vito Ventures. Prior to working in the venture capital industry Herbert was a researcher at École Polytechnique in Paris, the Large Graphs and Networks Group at UCL in Louvain-la-Neuve, and the Information-Oriented Control Group at TUM in Munich.

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Niko Mohr

McKinsey & Company
Niko Mohr, McKinsey

Niko Mohr is a Senior Expert Partner with McKinsey Digital, Germany, and part of the global IoT and Quantum Technologies leadership team. He has led projects in newly arising digital ecosystems, e.g. Industry 4.0, connected buildings, smart cities, smart mobility and Quantum Tech, for international corporations and institutions.

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Helmut Leopold

Austrian Institute of Technology
Helmut Leopold

Helmut Leopold heads the Digital Safety and Security Center at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. He is responsible for the national applied research program on cyber security, quantum technology, as well as artificial intelligence and sensor systems for physical security.

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Heike Riel

IBM Research
Heike Riel, IBM, quantum computing

Dr. Heike Riel is IBM Fellow and Department Head of Science & Technology at IBM Research. She is responsible for a research agenda which aims to create scientific and technological breakthroughs in Physics of Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Technologies, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Precision Diagnostics and Smart System Integration.

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