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New European Bauhaus on Tour

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Meet the European Innovation Roadshow of DLD and UnternehmerTUM, supported by the European Commission.

Founded in 2005, DLD has become an internationally connected, interdisciplinary community of top-tier innovators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, scientists, investors, political decision makers, and creators from all industries and backgrounds.

UnternehmerTUM, founded in 2002 as an affiliated institute of Technical University of Munich, is the cradle of 10% of Germany’s scalable tech-startups like Celonis, Lilium Aviation, Flixbus, Konux, Personio and Isar Aerospace.

This DLD Summer session describes the Innovation Roadshow which will take DLD and UnternehmerTUM to innovation hubs innovation hubs in each EU member state. We believe that Europe has the potential to successfully execute and implement the European Green Deal and set a global example with interdisciplinary initiatives like the New European Bauhaus.

The goal is to connect local ecosystems with the international DLD and UnternehmerTUM communities to facilitate collaboration across ecosystems and knowledge transfer, supporting the next generation of “Creators of the Future”. “An innovative roadshow is a great format to collect ideas from all over Europe”, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said. “We will follow your journey! And we’re looking forward to receiving your input to the project.”

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