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Steven Haft, ConsenSys, Rene Reinsberg, Celo Foundation, and Marjorie Hernandez, Lukso, discuss blockchain and web3 technologies at the DLD Munich Conference 2023


Marjorie Hernandez

Portrait of Marjorie Hernandez,co-founder of LUKSO

Marjorie Hernandez is co-founder of LUKSO, an Ethereum-based blockchain for the New Creative Economy. She creates innovative solutions for brands, creators and communities around the world to evolve in the digital ecosystem.

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Rene Reinsberg

Celo Foundation
Portrait of blockchain entrepreneur Rene Reinsberg

Rene Reinsberg is a co-founder of the blockchain ecosystem Celo and serves as President of the Celo Foundation. Previously, he co-founded Locu (acquired by GoDaddy) and worked at McKinsey, the World Bank and TechnoServe, among others.

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Steven Haft

Portrait of ConsenSys executive Steven Haft

Steven Haft is the Head of Global Partnerships and Climate Lead at ConsenSys, an Ethereum software company. He is a long time climate activist, and a leading figure in media, digital innovation, ESG and civic affairs

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