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Stefan Vilsmeier

Stefan Vilsmeier, Brainlab, AR, VR, health

Stefan Vilsmeier is the founder, president and CEO of Brainlab. Since its founding in 1989, Brainlab has evolved into an international leader in medical technology with over 1,400 employees in 18 offices around the globe. The company leverages 3D computer imaging to facilitate precision surgery.

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Rajesh Jena

University of Cambridge
Rajesh Jena, University of Cambridge

Dr. Rajesh Jena is an academic radiation oncologist working at the University of Cambridge and Addenbrooke’s Hospital. His clinical interests are in the treatment of primary and secondary tumours of the brain and spine. His research interests span areas of imaging, radiomics, machine learning and advanced radiation therapy treatment.

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Florian Weiß

jameda GmbH
Florian Weiß, Jameda

Florian Weiß is CEO of jameda, Germany’s biggest health portal, which provides patients with a sophisticated doctor search, doctors with online appointment functionality, and online video consultations. Florian is convinced that digitalization improves the relationship between doctors and patients and facilitates better health outcomes.

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Matthias P. Schönermark

SKC Beratungsgesellschaft mbH
Matthias P. Schönermark

Matthias P. Schönermark is a trained head and neck surgeon with a Ph.D. in molecular oncology. As Managing Partner of SKC, he is a permanent consultant to numerous leadership personalities of international medtech and pharmaceutical companies as well as health insurance and provider organizations.

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