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Journalist David Kirkpatrick discusses natural carbon capture solutions with Mary Yap, Lithos Carbon, and Guy Hudson, Loam Bio, at the DLD Munich Conference 2023


Guy Hudson

Loam Bio
Guy Hudson, CEO and co-founder of Loam Bio

Guy Hudson is the CEO and co-founder of Loam Bio, a climate-tech company which is developing an innovative solution to one of the world’s largest contributors to climate change: agriculture. Hudson has a rich background in agritech and global environmental initiatives.

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Mary Yap

Lithos Carbon
Portrait of Mary Yap, CEO, Lithos Carbon

Mary Yap is co-founder and CEO at Lithos Carbon, which transforms farmland into carbon removal centers using the power of volcanic rocks. She studied geology and planetary sciences at Yale University, where she conducted award-winning research on the climate crisis.

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David Kirkpatrick

Techonomy Media
David Kirkpatrick, Techonomy

A journalist and media entrepreneur, David Kirkpatrick founded Techonomy Media, which he led for 12 years. He is now focusing on climate tech, climate action, and the crisis of global heating. Kirkpatrick’s bestselling book The Facebook Effect has been published in 32 languages.

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