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Audrey Tsang, Clue, and Kimon Angelides, Femtec Health, discuss female health and technology at DLD Munich


Kimon Angelides

FemTech Health
Kimon Angelides, CEO of FemTech Health

Kimon Angelides is the founder of six healthcare companies: FemTech Health, Merlin LifeSciences, Vivante Health, EosHealth (now Livongo), and mAbGen, a cancer biotech company that was acquired by Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

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Audrey Tsang

Audrey Tsang, Clue

Audrey Tsang is Co-CEO of Clue, the science-backed leader in femtech and trusted brand in menstrual and reproductive health, relied upon by over 12 million people in 190 countries. Audrey shares responsibility leading the company with co-CEO Carrie Walter after serving as their Chief Product Officer.

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