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Panel discussion about business use cases of artificial intelligence with (left to righ) Jennifer Schenker (The Innovator), Katja Speck (VisualVest), Artur Gruca (HypoVereinsbank) and Anna Kopp (Microsoft Germany) at the DLD AI Summit 2023 in Munich.
Artur Gruca
Profile image of Artur Gruca, Chief Digital & Operating Officer at HypoVereinsbank

Artur Gruca is Chief Digital & Operating Officer of HypoVereinsbank. His responsibilities includes driving the bank’s digital transformation, creating a seamless customer and employee experience, as well as cyber and corporate security.

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Anna Kopp
Microsoft Germany
Profile image of Anna Kopp, Director IT at Microsoft Germany

Anna Kopp is Director IT at Microsoft Germany and has been with the company since 2004. Originally from Sweden, she studied International Communication at the University of Stockholm and has won a number of technology and industry awards.

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Jennifer Schenker
The Innovator
Jennifer Schenker, The Information

Jennifer L. Schenker has been covering the technology sector from Europe since 1985. She worked in various positions for the Wall Street Journal, TIME, and BusinessWeek. In 2016, she launched The Innovator, a website and subscription newsletter about digital transformation and sustainability that is read by the people responsible for innovation at some of the world’s largest companies. 

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Katja Speck
Profile image of digital marketing expert Katja Speck, VisualVest

Katja Speck is Chief Marketing Officer of investment group VisualVest and founder of DigitalMarketExpert, a consulting firm that supports companies to accelerate their business growth in their respective industries and markets.

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