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Ludwig von Bayern, Juliana Rotich, Charles Murito and Inya Lawal speak at the DLD Munich Conference 2023


Charles Murito

Portrait of Charles Murito, Google

Charles Murito is Google’s Regional Director, Government Affairs & Policy, Sub Saharan Africa. He is responsible for overseeing engagement with Governments & Regulators to drive digital transformation through progressive policy.

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Juliana Rotich

Safaricom PLC
Juliana Rotich, Head of Fintech Solutions, Safaricom PLC

Juliana Rotich is a Kenyan technology entrepreneur and fintech expert. She currently serves as Head of Department Fintech Solutions, Safaricom PLC. Her responsibilities includes offering innovate fintech integration solutions, including M-PESA.

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Ludwig von Bayern

Startup Lions
Portrait of Ludwig von Bayern

Ludwig von Bayern is a Social Entrepreneur and development aid specialist for digital opportunities in Africa’s remote regions. He studied Law and Political Science, with a focus on International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law.

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Inya Lawal

Ascend Studios Foundation
Portrait of Inya Lawal, founder of the Ascend Studios Foundation

Dr. Inya Lawal is a social entrepreneur and founder of the Ascend Studios Foundation, which focuses on social, educational and economic empowerment for women and youth. Dr. Lawal is a lead program partner to the U.S. Consulate General in Lagos, Nigeria, for the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs.

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