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Video preview of Dr. Florian Herrmann giving a keynote speech at the DLD Munich 2023 conference
The state of Bavaria has long been a driver of innovation and digital change in Germany. In his DLD23 keynote address, Dr. Florian Herrmann, Head of the Bavarian State Chancellery and State Minister for Federal and Media Affairs, gives an overview of…
Anne Philippi, The New Health Club, Keith Ferrazzi, Ferrazzi Greenlight, and Demian Bellumio, Nue Life Health, discuss health benefits of psychedelics at DLD Munich
Studies show that psychedelics can have mental health benefits for people dealing with issues like depression, traumas and anxiety when taken in small and controlled doses. In this DLD Munich session, Anne Philippi (The New Health Club), Demian Bellumio (NUE Life Health)…
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