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Bioacoustics researcher Stefan Kahl presents the BirdNET technology at DLD Circular 2023 in Munich
In this DLD talk you’ll hear about a new AI tool that can identify bird species by sound. Bioacoustics researcher Stefan Kahl is the Lead for the BirdNET project within the K. Lisa Yang Center for Conservation Bioacoustics at Cornell University. BirdNET…
Close-up image of DeepMind executive Dex Hunter-Torricke as he discusses the impact of artificial intelligence with interviewer Amit Katwala (left) at the DLD AI Summit 2023 in Munich.
Whether it’s climate change, health issues due to aging populations, resource shortages or economic inequality – the world faces many challenges that artificial intelligence can help us overcome, as you’ll hear in this inspiring conversation between Dex Hunter-Torricke of AI pioneer DeepMind…
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