Digital transformation

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Martin Weiss, Hubert Burda Media, and Almar Latour, Dow Jones, discuss innovation in the media business at the DLD Munich 2023 conference
Digital technologies have been reshaping the publishing and media industry for more than 20 years now. Many incumbents have viewed them as a threat. But embracing new technologies can both strengthen existing business models and help to create new ones, as this…
DLD Munich video, experts discussing the role of insurance companies in battling climate change
By incentivizing sustainable behavior, insurance companies have emerged as allies in mitigating the climate crisis. Moderated by Ellen Jorgensen (Aanika Biosciences), this panel discussion with Jon Shieber (FootPrint Coalition), Stephen Weinstein (Bermuda Business Development Agency) and Vishaal Bhuyan (Aanika Biosciences) illustrates how…
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