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Axios reporter Ina Fried discusses artificial intelligence with Mark Rolston, argodesign and Tom Mason, Stability AI, at the DLD Munich Conference 2023
Generative AI promises many opportunities in a business context. How will this technology advance the design, development, and execution of software? What does artificial intelligence mean for creatives? How can it enable new forms of personalization? These are some of the topics…
Florian Festl (Focus Online), author Alexandra Borchardt, Sebastian Stricker (ShareTheMeal), Daniel Koller (Flutwein) and journalist Nele Würzbach on stage at the DLD Munich 2024 conference.
What is the role of journalism and technology in addressing social responsibility? Moderated by journalist Nele Würzbach (Die Welt), the DLD24 panel discussion brings together author and researcher Alexandra Borchardt, Focus Online editor-in-chief Florian Festl, advertising executive Daniel Koller, and Sebastian Stricker,…
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