Diana Verde Nieto, Positive Luxury, Bettina Fetzer, Mercedes


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Time Topic
0:05 Introduction by Steffi Czerny
4:55 Female leadership
8:05 Defining “positive luxury”
09:00 Collectively making an impact
10:00 Diversity and sustainability are key: “We’re in the midst of a huge transformation”
13:05 The role of luxury brands in changing consumption habits
15:40 “It’s a responsibility to be sustainable.”
17:20 The idea behind “She’s Mercedes”
19:45 What do women expect from car brands?
23:10 Luxury as part of a customer experience ecosystem
26:50 No greenwashing please: how certification brings transparency to the luxury industry
29:25 Sustainability efforts at Mercedes-Benz
33:45 How can sustainability become sexy?
38:20 “Generation Less” cuts across all age groups
42:45 The increasing impact of young consumers
46:15 Is “going electric” really the best strategy for the car industry?
53:25 Finding luxury in a cup of coffee

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