Stefan Oschmann, Merck, Klaus Hommels, Lakestar, Sebastian Matthes, Handelsblatt


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Time Topic
0:05 Intro by DLD founder Steffi Czerny.
4:10 Europe’s economy tomorrow: hot or not?
5:15 The initial effect of the coronavirus crisis for Merck and Lakestar.
6:45 Timeline for a vaccine.
8:15 Three groups of tech companies and their fate due to Covid-19.
11:20 Why technology-driven companies have an edge.
12:15 The crisis as an opportunity for Europe’s tech ecosystem.
13:55 Will Europe’s current interest in biotech last?
16:30 Making the most of Europe’s strengths.
19:25 Fostering collaboration between public and private sector. Taking a cue from Israel and other countries.
20:15 The upside potential hidden in Europe’s healthcare system.
22:15 The lack of a “decent funding environment”.
24:50 How risky is the venture capital business?
27:45 The value of venture capital to the overall economy.
31:25 Plenty of good ideas – but no coherent innovation system.
34:45 The crisis as a wake-up call.
39:00 Quantum computing, food, liquid crystals: potential breakthrough technologies for Europe.
43:30 The need to “upgrade the public healthcare sector”.
45:50 Staying agile: fostering an innovation culture at large companies.
51:30 The surprising benefits of video conferencing.

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