Mattias Ljungman, David Helgason


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Time Topic
0:05 Welcome by Steffi Czerny
1:10 How healthy is the European startup scene?
5:30 Why founders do not need to move to Silicon Valley anymore.
8:00 The free flow of information and talent makes geography a secondary concern.
10:30 Europe’s clusters of innovation.
14:00 Attracting entrepreneurs: what Paris does right.
17:15 The key to building startup ecosystems: “Success breeds success.”
19:00 A matter of ambition – does Europe have the right mindset to be a global player?
22:15 Europe’s cultural diversity: hindrance or advantage?
24:15 Bureaucracy and regulation in Europe: not as bad as you may think.
26:30 The best way to raise money? “Build something great!”
29:00 How venture investing is changing.
30:30 Gut feeling vs. algorithms: What’s the winning formula for finding the next unicorn?
35:20 Trends in tech: Where new opportunities for founders will open up.
37:30 Coping with the climate crisis: “We will need 20,000 solutions…”
40:00 Elon Musk and e-mobility.
41:30 How the Covid-19 pandemic is facilitating change.
44:00 Personal interactions, the missing piece in pandemic times.
48:00 Do European founders sell their companies too early?
51:30 Long-term thinking needs long-term investing.
52:40 The importance of seed capital.
55:00 Wrapping up – with music.

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