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Time Topic
0:00 Welcome by Steffi Czerny
2:05 Introduction by David Kirkpatrick
4:15 Kai-Fu Lee revisits key arguments he made in his book AI Superpowers.
6:20 “China truly is an equal AI power to the United States.”
7:15 18 AI unicorns and counting: “Traditional companies are becoming really smart in using AI… the infusion of AI into traditional businesses is what will create the greatest value.”
9:20 The four waves of AI adoption: “The Internet giants have got the lowest hanging fruit, and they’ve also become the AI giants. But there are three more waves coming…”
11:00 Ranking the tech giants: How well are Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft positioned in the field of AI?
14:15 How is artificial intelligence extending into every industry?
16:15 Digitizing work, banking and fintech go AI.
21:20 “Europe has a bit of a challenge.”
25:25 Privacy regulation: a potential competitive advantage for Europe?
28:00 “The giants are always defeated when something totally different comes out and catches them by surprise.”
30:00 Globalization faces “a moment of awakening”.
32:25 “The most amazing thing about AI”? It can be applied to “any situation where there’s data” – from e-commerce to medicine and climate modeling.
34:20 The many ways AI is already present in the daily lives of Chinese citizens.
36:10 “In many restaurants the robots are serving the food…”
37:35 Autonomous robots in factories and other controlled environments. “I think robotics has been pushed forward by Covid.”
38:55 AI in education: “It’s very personalized… All of the best Chinese educational online tools are fully interactive.”
40:20 “There are now virtual teachers who can teach entry-level subjects…”
41:55 The benefits of AI in medicine.
45:20 AI and the pandemic.
48:30 How should artificial intelligence be regulated? What about biased algorithms?
54:00 Privacy protection in an age of AI.
55:30 The most promising applications in robotics and AI.
56:45 How agriculture is benefiting from automation.
57:30 Killer drones: the scariest development in AI.
58:30 China, privacy and AI.
1:00:15 What should Europe do to catch up?
1:01:45 Controlling data: which cloud do you trust?
1:05:05 Wrap-up.

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