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Scott Galloway is a Professor of Marketing at NYU’s Stern School of Business and a serial entrepreneur. He has founded nine companies and is the bestselling author of The Four and The Algebra of Happiness. He also hosts the Prof G podcast and co-hosts Pivot alongside Kara Swisher.

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Scott Galloway: Twenty-One

In his trademark rapid-fire fashion, NYU professor Scott Galloway analyzes current trends in technology and business for the year ahead. His predictions include: Apple will buy Peloton, Amazon will move into health insurance, and cryptocurrency Bitcoin will continue to gain in value. But Galloway also warns: “Investing is not a game” and emphasizes that day…
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Covid-19: The Death of Eros?

Iconic psychotherapist Esther Perel and Scott Galloway explored the long-term meaning of Covid-19 for relationships as we navigate the new normal, prolonged uncertainty, the collapse of boundaries between home and work – and a safety-first mentality that leaves little space for the unknown, surprise and serendipity.
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The Four Horsemen Post-Corona

Revisit our second DLD Sync session with NYU professor and bestselling author Scott Galloway to learn why the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to make powerful companies even more powerful and create entirely new disruptions in existing markets. In his presentation, Galloway predicted that Amazon will become a healthcare provider, Apple may target education as its…


Noise: The Secret Enemy of Good Decision-Making

Hidden factors often influence our judgement, in life and business, Nobel Prize Laureate Daniel Kahneman and marketing guru Scott Galloway show in their DLD talks…
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The Great Disruption: Scott Galloway on Business in Times of Covid-19

NYU Prof. Scott Galloway explains why the coronavirus pandemic is likely to make tech companies even more powerful and change entire sectors of the economy…
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Responsible technology: “A New Era of Leaders Will Take Us There”

Winners in the digital economy benefit from network effects and their own popularity, as user growth tends to attract additional users, fueling further growth. In his bestseller The Four, author and economist Scott Galloway described in detail how Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook became dominant forces in our lives, in business, and in politics. At DLD 2019 in Munich, Scott…
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“Time To Break Up the Big Four: Amazon, Google, Apple & Facebook”

A cherished DLD tradition and one of the most anticipated lectures every year at the conference is Scott Galloway’s morning keynote covering the latest numbers & benchmarks, winners & losers and predictions of the most important developments in the digital market – delivered in 150 slides and 1,200 seconds. At last year’s DLD, Scott met Kara Swisher who…