Qasar Younis

Qasar Younis, co-founder and CEO of Applied Intuition

Applied Intuition

Qasar Younis is the Co-Founder and CEO of Applied Intuition, a software tools provider to the automotive industry. Previously, Younis was a Partner and COO of Y Combinator, a prominent venture accelerator in Silicon Valley.


Qasar Younis, Applied Intuition in conversation with Greg Williams, WIRED UK, at DLD Munich

Rethinking Mobility In A Digital World

Qasar Younis, CEO and co-founder of Applied Intuition, discusses autonomous vehicles and digital change in the mobility sector with Greg Williams, editor-in-chief of Wired UK. While most car makers are working on autonomous vehicles, getting self-driving cars from labs onto the road is a “very incremental” process, Younis points out. And as usual, some places…
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