Natalia Oropeza

Natalia Oropeza, Siemens, cybersecurity

Siemens AG

Born in Mexico, Natalia Oropeza is Chief Cybersecurity Officer and Chief Diversity Officer at Siemens AG. She holds several academic titles and is a founding member of Women4Cyber, an initiative of the European Cyber Security Organisation. Before joining Siemens in 2018, she was CISO at Volkswagen Group.


webinar, cybersecurity, hacking, ransomware, diversity, defense

Why Cybersecurity Is A Matter of Diversity And Values

In this DLD Sync session, Siemens Cybersecurity Officer & Chief Diversity Officer Natalia Oropeza and Zeina Zakhour, VP & Global CTO for Digital Security at Atos, discuss with The Innovator’s Jennifer Schenker why diversity and values play an integral role in cybersecurity.
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